The Field House: Another Crappy Sports Joint for Bradley University

The Field House: Another Crappy Sports Joint for Bradley University

February 13, 2019 Off By Tammy Schneider

The Field House has recently engulfed what was once Gorman's Pub. Located on 1200 West Main Street in Peoria, Illinois, this tavern used to be a delight of sorts. It had a great atmosphere, tall drinks with every order, the occasional band that I'm sure it still has, free Pizza night, and great seating arrangements.

What has transcended over the establishment is now nothing more than the ten-billionth sports bar in America. Really cool, huh? Especially with thirty-trillion flat screen televisions they have mounted so that you can watch the game you can't hear over the reverberating music that's pumped high enough to give your ears blisters.

The seating arrangements have been gutted of any nice booths while the tables are those elevated things that have you stand more than it has you sit. I suppose the benches in the backroom are nice, but they ain't what I came in the bar for. Really the new design is set up to herd cattle rather than service drinks. And as for the drinks, while the mixers are poured generously, they no longer automatically serve the tall glasses. That was a former charm of the building.

All of the framed memorabilia is gone. The lightening is gone. The homey feeling is gone. All that remains is a clone of everything that is wrong with America.