Wolf's Secret with the Moon

Wolf's Secret with the Moon

March 1, 2019 Off By Tammy Schneider

Oh keen wolf howling at the moon
Are you in a rage
That the night ends to soon?

Or is it a valiant battle cry?
Leading your kin
To their doom?

Tell me great wolf what could you say?
When your instincts are to kill
Destroy and consume?

Perhaps it's your sabre
That you rattle
From the womb?

Or maybe you're lost deep
In the
Shadows tomb?

So sly wolf be it a tale?
Woven intricate
From a clever loom?

Words of your fore fathers
Or some
Other heirloom?

They must be transmissions cloaked
As clever
As you please

The wolf did I admire

From behind this great oak tree
Draped in a calm breeze
Thoughts ventured illumination
Query's solution became clear to me

The wolf howls because it is free
The wolf howls so it can be