July 1, 2019 Off By Tammy Schneider

He prowls through the night
With a determination only seen in a rebel
He stealthily stalks his prey through the dark forest
Being as quiet as possible
The deer calmly continues to eat the grass before her
As if nothing in the world could go wrong
That she was safe from all harm
Or dreaming as though evil never existed in its shadowy form

The wolf pries closer still
Attracted to the warm scent of fresh meat
As it seeps off from the doe
And is blown around by the slight breeze
The deer snaps her head up and lays her ears back
Her heart pounds fiercely from the perception of fear
Alert to a threatening presence
She gracefully leaps into the air
Out of urgent need to save her life

The wolf out of hunger and desperation for food
Makes his move
Not caring now about the noise he makes
He quickly joins in on the game of chase
Growling and snarling with intimidation
The deer is too late in her movements of survival
As the wolf viciously attacks
Tearing open the flesh of her neck
Spilling sticky blood on the green grass of the forest floor

Once the struggle is over
A great feast will begin
The wolf will win…
The wolf has won