Martial Arts Shoes

Martial Arts Shoes

January 7, 2021 Off By Tammy Schneider

When beginning any martial arts training, you need to discuss with your teacher on the right type of martial arts shoes you will be needing for the future. The right footwear is essential for any trainee, especially during practice without a mat, or when performing strong kicks to an opponent. Without the proper shoes, you can cause serious damage to your fellow student and not really mean it.

The most recognizable martial arts shoes are the soft cotton and rubber soles that are modeled after common Chinese shoes. They are great for Tai Chi Chuan and the more “calming” self defense techniques. They can also be used during throwing and upper body practice in other martial arts.

Serious Martial Arts Shoes For Serious Kickers!

If you are concentrating on kicks in class, or have a special need to protect the feet from constant blows, you may want to look into special sparring gear for the feet. These padded “booties” velcro over the feet to protect both your opponent as well as your own feet from harm. Other shoes, called Wushu Shoes, are slim, usually made of leather, and provide protection as well as flexibility for the movement of the foot.

Whatever need you have for shoes, most of the martial arts shoes out there are made with comfort in mind, but are easy to buy online. Because of their simple design, the length and width of your foot is all the information you need to purchase them through an online martial arts supply store. Take this information down and you too can get the shoes you need for your special level of training.