Tips to Keep Your Computer Running

Tips to Keep Your Computer Running

January 24, 2021 Off By Tammy Schneider

In order to keep your computer running well you will need to keep up on routine maintenance. The first thing you always want to do is download new updates whenever they are available. If you fall behind on important updates, your computer will not run as quickly and efficiently as it normally would. You will also have to clear out your cookies every now and then to free up some space on your computer. You can do this by clicking on your internet browser, clicking on tools, internet options and delete browsing history- cookies. You will also need to defragment your computer usually on a weekly basis. You can run it to do this on a schedule such as once a week.

You will want to make sure that your firewall is turned on. Go into your control panel and click on security. You will see something about your firewall and make sure it's always on. This will help to keep intruders out of your computer. You will also want to have some type of virus protection because it's costly getting a computer repaired that has a virus. If you run a virus scan and come up with a virus you can always do a system restore back to a previous date when your computer wasn't infected but you will lose some of your saved files on your computer.

Never eat or drink near your computer. If any water is spilled on your computer you will have to replace the motherboard which can cost you around $1,000 no matter which computer that you have. It would be cheaper to buy a brand new computer at that point. If your computer looks like it has a lot of dirt and what not in the keyboard you can flip the computer upside down and gently tap on the bottom. Then you will find all of the dust and crumbs on your screen. You will then need to clean your screen. You can also take the computer in to have it cleaned at a local store in your area.

You can also delete extra programs that you do not use on your computer. You can go into your control panel and hit uninstall programs. You can then look at different programs that you can unistall but you don't want to delete anything important so you should make sure you don't need the program before you delete it perminately off of your computer. Never try to go in and delete programs without going into the control panel and uninstalling because it will pop up that there is a corrupt file every time you turn your computer on.