How to Download Torrents: Unlimited Transfer of Music, Movies, and Images

How to Download Torrents: Unlimited Transfer of Music, Movies, and Images

February 27, 2021 Off By Tammy Schneider

Torrent files are distributed mostly via file sharing sites – some are free, some require registration, and others pre-paid membership. The choice of a torrent site ultimately depends on the sort of files one’s looking for or intends to upload and make available for other internet users.

Torrent downloads usually contain media files, images, large and illustrated documents, as well as lots of other data which is almost impossible to download from a file hosting site due to time limits necessary for the completion for completion of the download.

Using Torrent Clients

Downloading torrents is easy and convenient as well as quicker than creating torrents. Regardless of file size or type, torrent users can personalize download settings to a large extent:

  • Download torrent file from a torrent sharing site and open it on your computer – it will automatically turn on your torrent client;
  • Before proceeding to downloading, you can view all the files included in your torrent and unmark those you consider redundant – this will speed up your download;
  • You can set maximum download speed for your torrent not to overburden your own bandwidth;
  • You can freely optimize both your download and upload rates.

Most torrent clients come with easy to use menus which considerably simplifies the process of optimization.

Torrent Download Terms

Torrent clients operate with specific terms which inform torrent users about the quality, download speed, and condition of downloaded files. Here’s a shortened list of them:

  • Seeds – it’s the number of users who have finished downloading and keep seeding the file, the more seeds the quicker the download scheme is;
  • Peers – it’s the number of users currently downloading the files. Seeds and peers outside of brackets are those currently connected;
  • Download and upload speed – it can be optimized by right-clicking and setting speed limits of your choice;
  • ETA – estimated time till completion of the download, it continues to vary throughout the download and depends on both file size and current download speed;
  • Ratio – it’s the relation between the amount of downloaded and uploaded data. It also plays a vital role in adhering to one’s own seeding etiquette or, relatively, specific torrent site rules.

Lastly, one thing that needs to be considered is whether or not the torrent one’s downloading is not in violation with a third party's copyright. Since IP addresses are difficult to hide and torrents can be monitored via trackers, torrent downloader risks breaking the law.

Downloading torrents is absolutely safe so long as you have precise information about the torrent’s origin. Torrent download is a fantastic option for those who wish to tranfer large files but it should always be utilized with caution.