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Love Life – Having a better love life

By Tammy Schneider

Feeling like you “should be having a better love life isn’t unique to most of us.

It describes the number of articles on love and sex in the average self-help book.

The constancy of so many articles advertised on magazine covers about romance, and the relative frequency of conversations about romance at the local coffee shop.

But it’s not just a case of “someone else is doing it.”

Love and sex are part of a relationship, and whether or not they’re an important part of your life is a personal question.

Some of us are happily married, some of us have been happily married, while others have never been in a committed relationship.

And of course, some of us are open to marriage and others aren’t.

So the question is this: Do we try something new?

Do we keep trying something new to keep our love life from getting old?

Or do we keep trying the same old thing?

I think most people have the answer to that last question, and that answers the second question too.

In my experience, the people who keep trying something new aren’t interested in changing their love lives.

They’re just interested in trying something different.

Here’s what I mean.

Have you ever met someone who kept a personal mission statement in their car?

(If you have, do yourself a favor and ask them how often they updated it.)

Well, if you keep this kind of personal mission statement in your car, you’ll always be thinking about and being interested in, the things that make you happy.

If you’re married, one of the first things you need to do to improve your love life with one another is to start making time for one another.

I don’t mean having sex on the first date.

I mean, starting romantic dinners out at nice restaurants – visit this website.

Start doing small gestures like buying each other flowers or taking the kids to a park so you can spend some time alone together.

Doing these kinds of personal things will make it seem like sex doesn’t belong on the first date anymore, and it will set the stage for making it happen more often as the years go by.

And lastly, if you want to keep your love life fresh and exciting, you should add a little spice to it.

Don’t be afraid to tell one another what you want.

It’s okay to let your partner know what you want, but don’t push.

The next time you two are in a cozy room reading a book and looking at each other, think about what you could have done differently that would have turned that night into one of the best nights of your life.…

March 30, 2021 Off

Eating Healthy on the Go

By Tammy Schneider

One of the biggest complaints I hear in my practice is that no one ever has enough time to eat healthy. “It’s just so much easier to get something on the go.” Sound familiar? If so then chances are you could be consuming up to an extra 1000 calories a day, before you even get home from work…

Believe it or not you could cut a bunch of those extra, unwanted calories out of your diet by simply eating food from home. That’s right not only would you be saving a ton of money in this process, but you could probably even lose some weight by just making a few simple changes to your daily routine. I know, I know nobody likes change, but what if these changes could not only save you waistline and your wallet, but they could help you feel better too? I’m not only talking about energy to play with the kids, go to the gym after work kind of feeling good, but how about clear thinking, glowing skin, and vitality as well? Who’s ready?

Step 1- Make a List and Check it Twice

In order to be able to eat food from home, there must first be food in the home!

I like to plan my meals a week in advance. Every Sunday I get the newspaper and scour the circular for whatever store or stores I’m planning to shop in that day and I plan my meals based on what’s on sale that week. I like to eat with the seasons as much as possible and a good indication of what’s in season is what’s on sale. Remember that you’re going to be doing your shopping primarily around the perimeter of the store and you want to base your meals on as much “living” food as possible. Meaning the food was alive at some point, whether it was plant or animal. Remember you’re going to need breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and they’re going to need to be things that are at least semi-portable.

Step 2- Get in the Car and Go Shopping

Right now everyone’s head is spinning. “But what am I supposed to buy!” No worries I’ve got a few suggestions that will help keep that 4 o’clock sugar addiction at bay.

I’m the type of person who is always running late so I like to have quick easy things on hand so I can take them with me while I head out the door. Some of you may need something more substantial in the morning and so you will need to allot for an extra 10 minutes or so. If you are like me and always rushing try yogurt with a little granola or wheat germ for breakfast add some fruit and you’ve made your own parfait. Not only is it a good combination of sweet and salty, it’s good for you and loaded with fiber that will make you feel fuller longer. If you prefer a heavier breakfast try cold cereal or oatmeal with fruit and milk. Maybe add in a slice of whole grain toast.

Remember what I said earlier, you want to get in as much living food as possible so you want to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand to snack on. Cucumbers, baby carrots, broccoli crowns, cherries, bananas and berries are all great for on the go snacking and most supermarkets now offer pre-washed, pre-cut fruits and vegetables as well.

For lunch start making your sandwiches at home. Treat yourself to whole grain bread from the bakery section and create your own deli sensation. A half a pound of good quality deli meat is about the cost of one deli sandwich if you ordered out. So try to stay away from the processed meats and buy all natural and reduced sodium whenever possible. Canned soups are another quick and easy option. Remember to always read the label and stick to all natural or organic soups as much as possible. Better yet, make some yourself and divvy it up for lunches, delicious!

Dinner is a tough one, because most people expect something more substantial for dinner. A combination of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables is usually the norm. So what do you do when you have to work late but Timmy has practice at 6:30? There are some great all-natural and organic products in your local grocery store freezer if you’re looking for microwave fast, however if you still want a home cooked meal fast try pasta. Whether traditional with sauce or sautéed with vegetables, garlic and olive oil, it’s still a versatile 20-minute meal. Try using a rice cooker or crock-pot and set your meals up to be ready by the time you get home.

Remember the key to any successful journey is planning.…