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Computer Viruses– What to Watch Out For

By Tammy Schneider

The internet and PC viruses users face in the course of ordinary browsing or computing keeps on evolving. The perpetrators change from teenagers to enemies doing this for money. The threat has changed from attachments in email to links in email, leading people to click on the links, leading them to going to websites where virus spreaders do what can be called “drive-by downloads.” Using different exploits to get malware onto the PC, it turns the PCs into zombies or bots that send more spam. More malware is pushing—very often nowadays–fake PC security products (to ‘fix’ a problem that the malware itself caused), so make sure you get your security product from a trusted vendor.

Conficker, the big, big network worm that effects over 10 million computers around the world, has been doing so since November 21st 2008, when the first outbreak of it occurred. The Conficker gang (of virus spreaders) has been very innovative in coming up with solutions or techniques to making our lives as hard as possible. For example, instead of using 250 websites per day, they’re now using 50,000 websites to drop trojans, just an extra measure of mayhem from them to make our computing life harder.

Other things to look out for right now is social media. A lot of the email threats use Facebook, or Twitter as a good social engineering scam to get people to click on links. Email used to be trusted, as a message might be titled from a person you knew (you trusted, you clicked on the link…infected). People now are more wary of suspicious types of ‘from a friend’ links but, if you get them in a social media environment like on Facebook, if it’s someone you specifically approved as a friend, you tend to click on it more. Same for Twitter, and many other social sites.

PDF (Adobe Acrobat portable document format) files are vulnerable. You see PDF files being used now in more attacks than ever before, and it’s gone up by twenty times, since 2008. Even if you get a PDF in an email, you can’t necessarily trust it. It’s recommend that people stay away from Adobe Acrobat Reader, and without mentioning a specific replacement, just use something else. Let’s get away from everyone using Adobe Acrobat Reader! We don’t want to go back to the old “Internet Explorer being the majority browser” now and people are using many other browsers, which is great. But let’s do the same for PDFs.

The same goes for the full Acrobat Pro. It doesn’t really serve a much of a general purpose, and if you just want to read PDFs…why do you want a tool or application that’s 35 Megs (Megabytes) in size, when you can have a tool one meg in size that does exactly the same thing? So, just to clarify, the PDF format is fine, just don’t rely on the Reader! The most worrying parts about it remains—especially since the last year or two—the different browser plug-ins that can exploit it to spread a virus.

Source: Wikipedia, Conficker Virus…

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How to Download Torrents: Unlimited Transfer of Music, Movies, and Images

By Tammy Schneider

Torrent files are distributed mostly via file sharing sites – some are free, some require registration, and others pre-paid membership. The choice of a torrent site ultimately depends on the sort of files one’s looking for or intends to upload and make available for other internet users.

Torrent downloads usually contain media files, images, large and illustrated documents, as well as lots of other data which is almost impossible to download from a file hosting site due to time limits necessary for the completion for completion of the download.

Using Torrent Clients

Downloading torrents is easy and convenient as well as quicker than creating torrents. Regardless of file size or type, torrent users can personalize download settings to a large extent:

  • Download torrent file from a torrent sharing site and open it on your computer – it will automatically turn on your torrent client;
  • Before proceeding to downloading, you can view all the files included in your torrent and unmark those you consider redundant – this will speed up your download;
  • You can set maximum download speed for your torrent not to overburden your own bandwidth;
  • You can freely optimize both your download and upload rates.

Most torrent clients come with easy to use menus which considerably simplifies the process of optimization.

Torrent Download Terms

Torrent clients operate with specific terms which inform torrent users about the quality, download speed, and condition of downloaded files. Here’s a shortened list of them:

  • Seeds – it’s the number of users who have finished downloading and keep seeding the file, the more seeds the quicker the download scheme is;
  • Peers – it’s the number of users currently downloading the files. Seeds and peers outside of brackets are those currently connected;
  • Download and upload speed – it can be optimized by right-clicking and setting speed limits of your choice;
  • ETA – estimated time till completion of the download, it continues to vary throughout the download and depends on both file size and current download speed;
  • Ratio – it’s the relation between the amount of downloaded and uploaded data. It also plays a vital role in adhering to one’s own seeding etiquette or, relatively, specific torrent site rules.

Lastly, one thing that needs to be considered is whether or not the torrent one’s downloading is not in violation with a third party's copyright. Since IP addresses are difficult to hide and torrents can be monitored via trackers, torrent downloader risks breaking the law.

Downloading torrents is absolutely safe so long as you have precise information about the torrent’s origin. Torrent download is a fantastic option for those who wish to tranfer large files but it should always be utilized with caution.…

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How to Perform an Internet Speed Test: Actual Broadband Speed May Not Be True to ISPs’ Claims

By Tammy Schneider

Is the broadband speed stated in the ISP’s description of the service package really providing the stated bandwidth? Most internet providers cite two speeds within the plan – download and upload. If one or the other (or both) is not working up to par, it can slow down the broadband connection leading to a slower and more frustrating web surfing experience. Here’s how check to make sure the high speed internet is really as high speed as it should be.

Download vs. Upload Connection Speed

When a web surfer clicks on a Google or YouTube video, he or she is downloading data through the broadband connection to the computer. Downloading of widgets, documents, pictures, music, software updates, and freeware is also very commonplace. Therefore, download speed will always be significantly higher than upload speed in order to handle these memory-intensive tasks.

However when the person wants to post a picture, send an e-mail, or upload a video, the upload speed must be sufficient or the web surfer will spend far more time waiting for the project to upload. With a very small upload speed, the project may not upload at all and give an error on the website.

Check Broadband Speed With ISP

Many computer owners have stuck with their original internet provider and have forgotten their broadband speed selected at the time of signup. Give a call to the ISP and ask them about the selected service package. Be sure to write down the upload and download speeds; these will be necessary to determine actual internet connection speed.

The caveat provided by the ISP in terms of high speed internet are the words, “up to.” For example, it may say “up to 1.5 mb/s” (megabits per second) download. This means the connection speed may not necessarily run up to 1.5 mb/s at all times. In fact, it may not even reach that level at all. So how does one make sure the ISP is living up to its claims?

Perform Bandwidth Test

Numerous websites allow the web surfer to test the actual connection speed from his or her computer. Two of the most popular internet speed check sites are Speedtest and Speakeasy. These provide a full bandwidth test which includes both upload and download speeds. Compare these numbers with the ISP’s selected service package.

Keep in mind that the download speed is typically a little lower than the maximum. This could be for a number of reasons including software running in the background, hubs, and other bandwidth-sucking connections (e.g., VOIP phone). While most of the web surfing experience is downloading, uploading is becoming more important because more people are uploading videos, pictures, and slideshows on social networking sites.

Performing an internet speed test is very important not only to determine if the web surfer is getting his or her money’s worth, but also to avert the frustration of waiting for web pages to load and long download and upload times. If after calling the provider and the connection speed is still slow, consider upgrading to a higher bit rate data plan.…

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Tips to Keep Your Computer Running

By Tammy Schneider

In order to keep your computer running well you will need to keep up on routine maintenance. The first thing you always want to do is download new updates whenever they are available. If you fall behind on important updates, your computer will not run as quickly and efficiently as it normally would. You will also have to clear out your cookies every now and then to free up some space on your computer. You can do this by clicking on your internet browser, clicking on tools, internet options and delete browsing history- cookies. You will also need to defragment your computer usually on a weekly basis. You can run it to do this on a schedule such as once a week.

You will want to make sure that your firewall is turned on. Go into your control panel and click on security. You will see something about your firewall and make sure it's always on. This will help to keep intruders out of your computer. You will also want to have some type of virus protection because it's costly getting a computer repaired that has a virus. If you run a virus scan and come up with a virus you can always do a system restore back to a previous date when your computer wasn't infected but you will lose some of your saved files on your computer.

Never eat or drink near your computer. If any water is spilled on your computer you will have to replace the motherboard which can cost you around $1,000 no matter which computer that you have. It would be cheaper to buy a brand new computer at that point. If your computer looks like it has a lot of dirt and what not in the keyboard you can flip the computer upside down and gently tap on the bottom. Then you will find all of the dust and crumbs on your screen. You will then need to clean your screen. You can also take the computer in to have it cleaned at a local store in your area.

You can also delete extra programs that you do not use on your computer. You can go into your control panel and hit uninstall programs. You can then look at different programs that you can unistall but you don't want to delete anything important so you should make sure you don't need the program before you delete it perminately off of your computer. Never try to go in and delete programs without going into the control panel and uninstalling because it will pop up that there is a corrupt file every time you turn your computer on.…

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It is simple to get instagram followers

By Tammy Schneider

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Get More Instagram Followers with These 10 Tips | Sprout Social
Reasons to purchase instagram followers
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Martial Arts Shoes

By Tammy Schneider

When beginning any martial arts training, you need to discuss with your teacher on the right type of martial arts shoes you will be needing for the future. The right footwear is essential for any trainee, especially during practice without a mat, or when performing strong kicks to an opponent. Without the proper shoes, you can cause serious damage to your fellow student and not really mean it.

The most recognizable martial arts shoes are the soft cotton and rubber soles that are modeled after common Chinese shoes. They are great for Tai Chi Chuan and the more “calming” self defense techniques. They can also be used during throwing and upper body practice in other martial arts.

Serious Martial Arts Shoes For Serious Kickers!

If you are concentrating on kicks in class, or have a special need to protect the feet from constant blows, you may want to look into special sparring gear for the feet. These padded “booties” velcro over the feet to protect both your opponent as well as your own feet from harm. Other shoes, called Wushu Shoes, are slim, usually made of leather, and provide protection as well as flexibility for the movement of the foot.

Whatever need you have for shoes, most of the martial arts shoes out there are made with comfort in mind, but are easy to buy online. Because of their simple design, the length and width of your foot is all the information you need to purchase them through an online martial arts supply store. Take this information down and you too can get the shoes you need for your special level of training.…

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Home-Schooled Students and High School Sports

By Tammy Schneider

Home-schooling is a way of life for some children. They wake up each weekday morning and go to school- at home. They do some chores around the house and are taught by their mom or dad. This practice allows the child to grow closer with their parents and allows the parents themselves to instill their values into a child while also providing him or her with a quality education. Parents can keep close eyes on their children and help them stay out of trouble. Children may be getting quality educations at home, but they are not doing enough things on their own if they are staying in the house eight or nine hours a day, especially in high school. There is no problem with a child being high-schooled up until ninth grade. After that, however, he or she needs to be in the public school system and experience it for lifelong benefits. If high school children want to compete in high school athletics, they should actually go to the school in question.

Home education is an option many families choose. It is widely utilized throughout the country. There are currently around two million home-schooled children in the United States ("Tim Tebow Bill"). Parents choose to teach their children at home for a variety of reasons, including: perceived better education at home, poor learning environment in the public schools, religious concerns, to develop character in their children, or for specific family values in general. Parents feel that they can provide a better education in the home because discipline problems are nonexistent, which means the teacher is not having to take away from valuable class time in order to discipline a particular student. Home-schooled children can be successful, and numbers continue to rise. In 1994, there were 345,000 students, with that number rising to 850,000 by 1999 ("Home School Statistics"). The two million students who go to school at home in the present day make up about 3% of all kindergarten through twelfth grade students in the country. Studies show that home-schooled children also do better on standardized tests ("Home School Statistics").

It is true that parents can provide a quality education for their children at home and create a good learning environment for them. But what about the stresses that this teaching role takes on them as parents? They must have a vast understanding of the subjects they are teaching their children, which requires a large amount of studying in most cases. Parents do not have time to themselves and are unable to work, which may create relationship strains at home. Home education may create a good environment with less disciplinary problems, but what if the parent and child get into a disagreement away from the school setting? What if it becomes a situation where the child or parent does not want to talk to the other one for a certain period of time? Aside from that, everyone periodically needs freedom and alone time. It creates healthy relationships, especially among parents and children who are already around each other so much anyway.

A home education does provide a good environment for children, but not the one that they need during their later life experiences. It simply pales in comparison to the public school and all the activities it provides (Romanowski 4). There are numerous activities besides sports, such as band and other student-run clubs and organizations. Children cannot participate in activities of this kind if they are going to school in their kitchens. Children also need to be exposed to different kinds of people during the high school years. This allows a child to know what kind of crowd they want to hang out with, and also allows them to experience a vast array of social situations. If they are sheltered throughout their high school years, they could be headed for serious trouble. Parents can teach their children right from wrong all they want, but they have to make certain decisions on their own. Children need to understand conflicts between others and be involved in different social situations. These things simply do not happen if they are going to school at home.

Taking all these things into consideration, home-schooled children should not be allowed to participate in high school athletics. Currently, only sixteen states in the country allow home-schooled students to play in their area high schools, and this number should continue to stay down. Florida is one of states that has passed law which allows the students to participate ("Tim Tebow Bill"). Tim Tebow, freshman phenomenon on the University of Florida football team, was one of these home-schooled students who played for his local high school. Playing in high school allowed him to garner enough attention to eventually play for the Florida Gators, but he is most likely experiencing a huge culture shock in college at this point.

Home-schooled children who play at a local high school cannot comprehend the pride and tradition in a school if they do not attend that particular institution. They do not go to class with their teammates or experience social situations with them on a regular basis. While other team members are in school experiencing different things and interacting with others, home-schooled children are sitting in their living rooms being taught algebra by their mothers. The parents of these children also serve as their sole authority figures, so how are they going to be able to deal with upset coaches when they miss a blocking assignment or fumble the football? It is simply not possible. Children need to be in the public school system to prepare them for life after high school, whether it is college or the workforce. With respect to athletics, if one wants to play for the high school team, they should attend the high school. Home-schooled children should not be allowed to play because they really are not a part of the particular institution in the first place.…

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Crying Wolf

By Tammy Schneider

The earliest memory he had of his mother was of her fangs; thick, elongated fangs that seemed as sharp and lethal as any knife. He hadn't been more than three years old at the time, but the image had remained imprinted in his mind, and never failed to evoke a certain amount of pride. He had hoped his fangs would become just as long and beautiful.

The only memory he had of his father was of him lying at the base of a broad, red buckeye, covered in blood.

Both of his parents had died before his sixth birthday, shot by huntsmen that had been tracking their activity for months. He couldn't recall much about what had taken place, but the clarity of one particular moment still haunted his dreams.

He remembered the blood gushing from the hole in his father's throat, his eyes wide and fearful as he grappled aimlessly for something that wasn't there.

He hadn't known what to do. But the loud snapping of a twig had triggered his survival instincts and injected his veins with adrenaline. And so he had turned and ran with his tail tucked firmly between his legs. When questioned by officials, he had pretended he hadn't seen anything and they'd put him and his little sister into the custody of their only living relative, grandfather Royce McMillan.

Perhaps he should have told the truth instead of internalizing the memory and feigning ignorance. But he couldn't allow them to find out about the family secret, or rather, curse. It was something he vaguely remembered vowing never to let slip, lest their entire pack be compromised. Regrettably someone had made the mishap for him, and tipped off the mercenaries, leading them straight for his family and taking away not only his parents, but uncles, aunts, and cousins as well. It had been a bloodbath that only he and his sister had escaped unscathed, physically at least.

The wind chimes hanging from the white, pergola rafters tinkled melodically as a breeze swept through the terrace. The sprawling, Verbena flowers positioned on either side colored the air with a light, teasing scent that lulled his senses, yet did nothing to abate the mild sense of despondency that seemed to always loom overhead.

Tyson sighed and looked out past the lavishly decorated veranda to the sizeable hills rolling majestically beyond the café. One of the things he loved about living here was the lack of urbaneness that polluted the rest of the East Coast. Bridgeport was a laid back suburb centered in the heart of the woodland just west of the Alleghany River.

An indescribable ache formed in the pit of his stomach.

God, what he would give to shed this human exterior and plunge into the forest at breakneck speed. His palms itched to feel the dew-slicked grass during a pre-dawn run; to bound past shrubberies and have the air pushing at him from all sides while vaulting over streams; to sprint so fast he couldn't separate sky from ground; to transcend to a realm of total oneness with nature.

But the impracticality of this human form denied him from everything except senses so dull it seemed as if his head had been submerged underwater. His olfactory system couldn't pick up anything but the muted smell of the blue rare, skirt steak on his plate. He could barely make out the pin stripes on the suit of a man that sat a couple of tables over to the left.

And Tyson definitely did not hear someone sneaking up on him. He jumped when a black case landed with a loud clank on the table and immediately turned to confront his provoker. The anger instantly drained from him when he saw the grinning form of his best friend and the only girl he'd ever loved.

"Jeez Ty, jumpy much?" Kim teased taking a seat.

Blushing, Tyson ducked his head and scratched his neck. "Um, I've had a stressful day," he said lamely, rejoining the table.

She rolled her eyes and stole one of his fries. "You're such a fraidy cat."

Tyson scowled at being compared to that particular animal. "Don't call me that." He hadn't realized how harshly it had come out until she gave him a weird look. He thought fast. "You know how much I hate those ugly things," he put on a mock pout, hoping that she'd take the bait.

The look gave way to a smile that sent his pulse into a frenzy. "I know. The first time you came to my house you flipped out when you saw my cats."

"Yeah, all seven of them. You're a regular hag in the making."

"Hey!" Kim kicked him from underneath the table. "My cats are great. Anyway, I brought your camera back." She gestured toward the black case. "Thanks for letting me borrow it."

"Don't mention it. How'd the shoot go?"

"Not too bad, though there was this one head shot I wanted to get from Casey. But she came down with the flu the day before yesterday and I haven't been able to get into touch with her. I'm actually on my way to her house to see if she's ok."

"Do you want to take the camera, just in case?"

"Really? The project is due in a couple, have you even started yet?"

"I can start tomorr-"

"No way," Kim cut him off, "you need to get started, asap. It took me forever to capture the right angle and the right amount of light and blah, blah, blah. How about after I stop by Case's I'll swing by your place and drop it off? I can even help you with some of the frames if you want."

Tyson's heart did a double back-flip. "That'd be cool," he said nonchalantly, trying not to seem too eager.

"You are amazing Ty." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "You're going to make some lucky girl very happy someday."

I wish she were you. He forced a smile. "Considering the slump I've been for the past seventeen years, I doubt it."

"Don't worry. All we have to do is bring you out of that shell of yours and you'll be set." Kim stood and picked up the camera's case. "I'll see you in a few hours ok?"

"K." Tyson watched as she walked away, his thoughts unable to focus on anything but the words she'd just spoken. Could it be that she knew of his secret? Is that why she wanted him to shed his shell?

He brought his fingers to touch the place on his cheek where her lips had been not moments ago. Was she worth telling? And if so, what would her reaction be? Maybe the drive home would help clear his mind.

The twenty minute drive back to his grandfather's ranch didn't do anything but add on to his doubts. Tyson's head whirled with so many probabilities and possibilities and pros and cons that he didn't notice his name being called until looking up and seeing the frown on his grandfather's face. "Did you say something?" he asked setting his car keys on the glass table.

The old man's frown only deepened. "Where've you been?"

"I only went into town, Royce," Tyson responded pulling out a glass from one of the cabinets.

Royce's expression eased as he leaned back in the chair. "Have you taken your medication today?"

Tyson let out a loud, irritant sigh. "Not yet."

"Make sure you do so," he said gruffly. "We wouldn't want to you to have another relapse."

Tyson clenched his teeth, his hold tightening on the glass. "Don't call it that."

"That's what it is boy," he said softly.

Tyson curbed the rising urge to growl. It rolled up from his diaphragm and settled beneath his ribcage, its source a growing presence from the depths of his being. The old man didn't know what he was talking about. He wasn't of his bloodline. He was only a human. He would never understand…

Tyson relaxed his grip and began filling the glass with water. "Where are they?"

"Above the toaster on the right."

He opened the cupboard and reached for the plastic container. An unnamed emotion constricted in his chest. Again, he would be suppressing his very nature, collaring it with magic and medicine to make sure It would never escape. Tyson could hear Its agitated pacing along the edge of his psyche with glaring clarity, down the steady click, click, click of Its claws hitting the invisible cage floor.

He winced when Royce whistled, the normally low-key sound resonating at such a pitch that it bordered on painful. A second later a large, black wolf-like animal trotted into the back door that he'd forgotten to close.

"Can you not whistle at her like she's some fucking dog?" Tyson glared at his grandfather and crouched down to scratch the animal behind her ears.

"Watch your tone with me boy," he said, his tone as hard as his steely, gray eyes.

He swallowed another retort, and merely bowed his head, silently conceding to the elder's authority.

"Besides she's just a…" Royce trailed off at the sharp glance his grandson sent him. Releasing a loud breath he struggled to his feet and shifted the majority of his weight onto a crutch. "Just take the damn pills."

"I will." Tyson watched the older male warily as he hobbled out of the kitchen. He wouldn't be doing too much more of that in a while. "So Reesa, what have you been up to?" he addressed his sister.

With a bushy tail that extended as far as his arm wagging furiously behind her, the huge, wolf-like creature grinned at him and slathered his face in a series of sisterly licks/kisses. "Aw I missed you too." Tyson planted a kiss of his own on her snout.

Although Reesa acted like an older, more matronly pack figure, she was actually a couple of years younger than he. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you looked at it, Reesa was unable to transform back into a human since she had gone so long in her wolf form. No amount of magic would be able to pull her back, not that she was complaining.

"So what do you think Reese? Should I let Kim know what I really am? What we really are? What if she calls me a freak?"

She snorted and shook her head.

Tyson laughed. "I know, I know bad choice of words. We're way cooler than freaks." His grin faded. "But I suppose I'll have to show her my true self. Only then will I be able to determine if she's truly worthy to become my mate. Who knows, maybe you'll become an aunt sooner than later." He ruffled her mane. "Come on and lets go make the rounds."

Feeling Its approval, Tyson walked out of the kitchen with his sister and left the container of pills untouched on the counter.
Kim squinted as she turned onto the dirt path that hopefully led to the ranch and prayed that this was the right driveway. She'd lived in Bridgeport for ten years and had yet to learn of the thousands of concealed, dirt roads that were all the rage in West Virginia.

"So I did get it right this time," she murmured recognizing the McMillan Ranch sign suspended above one of the wooden posts.

Kim pulled up in front of the two level Victorian house and cut the engine. "Hey McMillan! Get your ass out here so we can do some work!" she yelled stepping out of the car. This place was entirely too big for her to go searching for him; that and she loved pissing off his ill-tempered grandfather.

She waited for Tyson's response or Royce's customary "shut the hell up", but neither came. Frowning, Kim closed the Firebird's door and looked around, becoming aware of the lack of activity on the ranch. For the first time, she noticed the absence of horses grazing in the front. Usually Tyson didn't take them in until dusk.

"Ty? Royce?"

Kim turned and almost ran into a freakishly large wolf-dog. "Reesa are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

Reesa cocked her head to the side for a second before padding toward the wooded area off to the right of the house, then stopped and looked back when she noticed the girl wasn't following. "What? Do you want me to follow you Lassie? Is Timmy in trouble?" Despite her reservations and against her better judgment, Kim followed.

Like the ranch, the forest was equally silent in a way that called the hairs on her arm to attention. Her intuition warned her against going any further, that something was obviously off and no good would come of this venture.

Reesa emitted an animated yip and bounded eagerly through a dense thicket.

"Reesa, I swear," she huffed pushing away thick, thorny branches, "if I get mauled by a mountain lion, you and I are going to…" Kim froze mid-movement. "Oh my god."

They were both fighting over a mangled hare, growling and pushing and shoving for the spoils. Its intestines were hanging comically from its open belly and coated in filth from being dragged along the dirt. Kim coughed and clamped a hand over her mouth to keep the bile pushing into her throat from escaping.

The cough attracted their attention, momentarily putting an end to their game. Releasing her end, Reesa trotted to the small heap of organs that had fallen out and began gulping down the remains. He picked up the hare, proudly ambled over toward Kim, and dropped it in front of her.

She backed up slowly in frozen shock/horror/revulsion until her back met the trunk of a tree. Appearing confused and annoyed, he picked it up and came closer before dropping it on top of her foot.

Shrieking, Kim kicked, intending to fling the dead rabbit away, but somehow ended up smacking him in the process. He reared up and howled in pain. She bit her lip, torn between seeing if he was ok and running for her life.

All traces of affability disappeared. He snarled, baring teeth that he didn't seem to be afraid of using. Kim took the hint and bolted into the thicket. A high pitched wolf cry echoed throughout the noiseless forest and caused her to stumble over a fallen log. Swearing, she pressed on, her panic mounting when she heard his heavy panting behind her.

With a renewed burst of energy, Kim picked up the pace and cried in relief when see saw the house up ahead. She was almost there. But a scream tore from lungs before she could reach the break. He lunged onto her back, knocking her flat on the ground. She flailed desperately, and tried to use her hands to shove him away.

Enraged, he clamped his teeth onto her bicep and began dragging her deeper into the woods. Kim screamed, feeling the warmth of her own blood trickle down her arm.

All of a sudden, his efforts stilled and he slumped on top of her as if passed out. Sobbing, she pried her arm from his mouth, rolled him away, and stood quickly on shaky legs.

"Are you ok?" Tears blurred the form of her savior, but she could tell who it was by his hobble and his gruff voice.

"I'm fine now." She pressed a hand over her wound to stop the bleeding.

Royce set the tranquilizer rifle down and stared at the unconscious body of his grandson. "It wasn't supposed to be like this," the old man said tiredly.

"I knew something was wrong when I saw him, playing with her, playing with her like he was an animal," Kim shivered and hugged herself. "I mean, he was naked, and his mouth was covered in, in, in rabbit gore, like he'd been eating it, raw. I think he was eating it." She took a moment to collect herself. "What was wrong with him?"

"I told that idiot to make sure he took those pills every day," he muttered mopping the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.


"What?" His head snapped towards her abruptly as if he'd forgotten she was standing there. "Oh. It's a form of schizophrenia; makes you see and believe in things that don't exist. He's had it since childhood. Guess I can't blame him after what he saw."

"What'd he see?"

He looked at her as if it were the obvious of answers. "His mother had the same illness. She thought she was a lycan, a werewolf. It got to the point where she would eat nothing but uncooked meat. During that time the medicine Tyson uses didn't exist. My son tried his hardest to help her, but she didn't want to be helped and in the end, tore out his throat," he said bitterly.

Kim gasped. "Oh my god. And Ty saw?"

Royce nodded grimly. "I believed him when he told me he hadn't seen anything. It wasn't until he reached age ten and began howling at every full moon that I knew something had triggered it. So I brought him to a psychologist and they prescribed him the Trilafon pills, a type of anti-psychotic medication." He picked up the gun. "Come on, lets get back. The authorities are on their way as we speak." Royce crouched down to pick Tyson up.

Reesa leapt in front of the boy's body and snapped at the old man until he backed off, her lips curling and a growl vibrating from her throat.

Royce scowled. "Fine, you can protect him for now, but after they put him away, I'll have animal control take you too."

Reesa's growl deepened and her hackles rose.

Sending the animal a resentful glare, Royce took hold of Kim's arm and guided her back to the ranch. "Lets head back. The asylum officials will be here to collect him soon."…

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How to Be a Successful Hockey Player

By Tammy Schneider

In order to be a successful hockey player, there will be a few things you need to consider.

First, you need to be tough. Opponents will not think to much about what will happen to you when going in for a check.Also, you need to be focused, hockey is a game of strategy and intelligence. You need to know where to be on the ice, and when to be there. You also need to know where everyone else on the ice is. One of the very important things you need to have is heart. If you don't enjoy or want to play the game, you won't win or have any fun. You need to have desire and a love for the game. Lastly, your going to need to be dedicated. Hard work and determination is also very important. Practicing almost everyday, lifting weights, running, staying in shape in general, should all be scheduled into your daily routines. It takes more than putting on the equipment and getting on the ice, to actually play the game.

As the equipment goes, here's a list of the equipment you'll need and why:

1.Helmet – to protect your head from both the puck and the ice.
2.Neck guard – to protect your neck from being cut by a skate
3.Shoulder pads/chest protector – To protect shoulders, chest and spine
4.Elbow pads – to protect your elbows
5.Gloves – to protect your hands from skates and/or the puck
6.Mouth guard – to protect your teeth and to prevent concussions
7.Breezers/hockey pants – to protects hips, pelvis, and thighs from skates, pucks, or the ice
8.Jock with nut cup – to protect the pelvic area and to hold up the hockey socks
9. Shin pads – to protect the shins from the puck
10.Hockey socks – to cover the leg
11.Skates – to skate across the ice
12.Hockey stick – to hit/move the puck
13.Team jersey – to tell you and your team apart from the opposing team

You can find most of this equipment at your local sporting goods stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Giant, Absolute Sports Inc.

Some of the skills you should work on could be your balance, coordination, stick handling, and speed. These can be improved both on and off the ice.
1. Running, doing lunges, plyometrics, and building your leg muscles will help to improve your speed and endurance.
2. On skates, by doing inside and outside edges, and getting stronger on one skate at a time, will make it easier to skate by improving your balance and coordination. Getting stronger on your skates will help make you less prone to falling.
3. Simply taking a tennis ball and a hockey stick outside in your driveway for 15 minutes and stick handling back and fourth will help your hand coordination and stick handling skills. On ice, just stick handling during drills or stationary will also improve your stick handling skills.

In time and with practice, you too can play hockey.


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One of My Favorite Sports Moments

By Tammy Schneider

One of my favorite teams is the Washington Redskins, and during one game around Halloween something great happened. While watching the team play this year has been great. The arm of Robert Griffin III is awesome. He can run, throw on the run, and pass. It great!!. Its a great time to be a Redskins fan. The running back has began to progress more. I originally thought this season was going to be a disaster. Roy Helu was hurt, Ryan Torrain released. We had one some games and the team as a whole has been trying to maintain. We have suffered some disappointing losses, and have looked out of sorts but we still have managed to win some. The game against Atlanta Falcons Seemed to be an easy on going into the game. We were looking great before that, and winning. This game reminded me that RG3 was human. He was capable of being hurt just like anyone else, and in this game it should he was knocked unconscious. We wen on to lose this game. He is a very important part of our team and that could've been the end of our season there. It appeared to be because we went on to lose four straight games. All but one in the month of October of 2012. At this point not to many people or fans believed that the Redskins Season wasn't in jeopardy. The coach even wanted to start to look toward next season, the redskins was supposed to be done for 2012 – 2013 season. Despite this appearing to be the case the Redskins went on to win all of the remaining regular season games. A Redskins fan, myself I realized that this may just be our year. They may have had running back problems, our quarterback, and defense may have stalled. They may have even loss some games, and were counted out but just because your down you may not be out.…